PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! For the love of all that is kinky, read this entire site before you contact Love Slave and ask her questions that are answered on this page. It is only ONE PAGE and will take you maybe 10 minutes to read ALL OF IT. Thank you in advance!

The Denver Sanctuary is a Private Social Social Club for folks who practice or are interested in the BDSM Lifestyle. BDSM stands for Bondage/Discipline/Dominance & Submission/Sadomasochism. If you don't know what that all means you probably should not be on this site. Go Google it and come back if you are still interested. We are NOT a swingers club. If you are looking to get your dick wet or want to show off your hot sexy wife and watch her get banged this is NOT the club for you.

At the Denver Sanctuary we offer play party events, which require membership to attend. We also offer a variety of meetings, discussion groups, classes, skill shares, social events that do NOT require membership to attend. These are great events to attend if you just want to check the Sanctuary out and see what it's like before attending a play party.


ARE YOU VISITING DENVER FROM OUT OF STATE?   If you are, and want to attend a play party event at the Denver Sanctuary please send a text message to Love Slave at 720-989-3283 stating what state you are visiting from and what play party you wish to attend. She will ask you a few questions to determine if you can attend the event or not. If you are approved to attend, you will be required sign a waiver at the door, pay whatever the door fee plus a $10 guest fee. Out of state visitors may attend any of the non-member events offered without being approved in advance. Just text Love Slave for the address.

NON-Member Events

We offer many social and educational events that are open to non-members of the Denver Sanctuary because we think education is a good thing, so is socializing with other like minded peeps. Attending any of these event also gives you a chance to check out the club and ask questions before deciding to become a member of the Denver Sanctuary. Anyone 19+ may attend classes, discussion groups or munches.

Current Monthly Non-Member Events:

1st Sundays: Sanctuary Limit Breaker Open Mic & Pot Luck, Social, Game Nite!

1st Tuesdays : Hypnokink Denver

2nd Tuesday: Topside Talk

2nd Wednesday: Switch it Up

3rd Tuesdays: Sanctuary Potluck Social w/ Demo Scene w/ Q&A

3rd Wednesday: sub discussion group

4th Monday: Dynamic Focus group

4th Tuesday: Little Scouts Meeting

4th Wednesday: Socially Awkward Kinkster Totally Non-Threatening Game Night

Current Monthly CLASSES:

2nd Saturdays:

~ Denver Rope Bite offers a class from noon-3pm.

~ Fun with Floggers skillshare is 3:30-5pm

* We also offer other classes/workshops at the Denver Sanctuary as the schedule permits. We have also partnered with the The Annex Community Classroom to offer classes in their space. Classes for both spaces will usually be posted on the club calendar and on Fetlife.


You must have a membership to attend play parties. Play parties are events where the dungeon is open for BDSM play. Our space is set up with two social areas, a coat room and a main dungeon. In the dungeon we have 14 stations with a mix of tables, crosses, spanking benches, a hoist, a cage and drop lines that can be used for rope suspension.


* For those who use wheelchairs: The club is in a warehouse park. There is no handicapped designated parking, but Love Slave is usually there early and you can call her when you arrive so she can move her car to allow space to park out front. There is a small step to get into the entry. We haven't had any wheelchairs not able to navigate into it. We have 2 bathrooms and one is wheelchair accessible. All rooms can accommodate a wheel chair except the small coat room because we have 2 large bean bag chairs in there that kinda spread out. At more crowded events it can be difficult to get through, but you are always welcome to ask for a staff member to help clear a path. Before you watch the videos you are welcome to check the space out at any of the meetings, discussion groups, or social events that do not require membership to attend.

* For those who are neurodivergent/autistic: We have noise reducing headphones in the office you car borrow if it is too loud in the dungeon for you. We also have a basket full of fidget toys in the office if you need something to stim with or keep your hands occupied. Just ask in the office. There is a monthly meeting called Neurodivergents in Kink that meets every 3rd Sunday at The Annex space. We also host a Neurodivergents in Kink Play Party on 4th Sundays of February, May, August & November.


Hey! you can also CLICK HERE to watch a video about getting a membership.

You must be 21+ to get a FULL membership to the Denver Sanctuary. If you are 19 or 20 you can get a Special 19-20yr old TNG Membership. All memberships to the Denver Sanctuary are annual memberships, meaning they are good for one year from when it was issued. There are no refunds, full or partial, if you decide you no longer want to attend events at the Denver Sanctuary. There are also no refunds, full or partial, if your membership is revoked due to asshat behavior.

Links to Membership Videos:

BDSM 101 - 35 min

Rules - 40 min

History - 30 min (Note if you are deaf and/or hard of hearing: The History video was posted so long ago that it cannot be captioned through YouTube. Apparently there are programs that will caption videos, if you do not have a program to do this contact Love Slave about a text version)

Etiquette - 30 min


* Watch the 4 membership videos.

* Attend ANY play party event (only at a play party event) and take the membership test.

* To pass the 20 question, multiple choice test, you cannot get more than 3 answers wrong.

* The fee for a 1st time full membership is $40.

* Membership is good for one year. To renew your membership costs only$20

For 19-20 year olds:

* We offer a limited membership for anyone 19 or 20 who wants a membership to the Sanctuary

* You first need to attend the orientation at 1st Thursday TNG Party and stay for the party.

* If you liked the event and want to get a membership then you need to:

** * Watch the 4 membership videos.
** * Attend another TNG (or Baby Bash Party) and take the membership test.
** * To pass the 20 question, multiple choice test, you cannot get more than 3 answers wrong.

** * The fee will be prorated depending on when you turn 21. Not more than $30
** * This TNG membership will renew when you turn 21.

** * Then you upgrade to a full membership for $20

PLEASE NOTE:The test is NOT DIFFICULT if you watch the videos. Actually watch the videos. It will take about 2.5 hours to watch them all. You can't speed through them or sorta watch or sorta listen to them as background noise while doing something else. Some of the questions are not specifically about kink or the club, but about something in the video, that tells me you watched the video. I have read the test to visually impaired people who have passed with 100%. If you have test anxiety and you want to take notes and use them when you take the test, fine with me. If you think watching a bunch of stupid videos is a waste of your time, totally fine with me. I don't want people like you in my club. If you think my rules are stupid, or shouldn't apply to you, I don't want you in my club. The Denver Sanctuary is a private club for a reason. People who are engaging in BDSM activities should have a fucking clue how it all works. You can get HURT if you don't. So, you have to jump through hoops to get a membership. Don't want to get a membership, don't. Go elsewhere. You can always attend Gateway without a membership as long as you attend the orientation and pay the $10 guest fee. I will gladly take an extra $10 every time you attend as a guest if you don't want to get a membership.

Some play parties offer Guest Orientations that non-members may attend so they can check out a play party before investing time in watching all the videos.

These events offer a Guest Orientation :

* 1st Thur TNG Play Party (door @ 7pm, orientation at 7:30pm)

* 2nd Friday Gateway ( Door @ 8pm, Orientation @ 8:30pm)
* 4th Saturday Gateway ( Door @ 8pm, Orientation @ 8:30pm)



The Denver Sanctuary is open most Friday & Saturday nights from 8pm - 1am. We have some specialty play party events on some Thursdays and Sundays from 7pm - midnight. Friday nights are more specialty events and Saturdays are planned for the general membership. We have some parties that are scheduled on the same day each month. ALL play party events are 21+ unless stated otherwise in the event description. The door fee for ALL play parties is $25/person unless otherwise stated in the event description. A $10 additional guest fee applies to all non-members who attend. We only accept cash and venmo at the door. There is an additional $1.00 fee for all Venmo transactions.

Here is a list of our current monthly parties: (Some have links to video descriptions of that party)

1st Fridays: Rocky Mountain Spanking Party. This is our monthly spanko party. The only form of play allowed is play that involves the spanking of butts and thighs. You can only use toys like your hand, paddles, canes, hair brushes, spoons and the like. The only nudity allowed is the butt and back of thighs.

2nd Fridays & 4th Saturdays : GATEWAY PLAY PARTY.   This is our original "Newbie Night" at the Denver Sanctuary. This is the twice a month party that non-members may attend as long as they attend the guest orientation at 8:30pm. The Guest Orientation is about 20 minutes long. After the orientation folx are welcome to stay for the play party and check out the activities in the dungeon or hang out in the social area. We usually have a toybag tour where a club member displays their toys for folks to look at and ask questions. This is the best way to check out a play party and will help you decide if you want to become a member.

 2nd Saturdays: CAKE & SPANK Every 2nd Saturday we celebrate birthdays at the club. At 8:30pm we have cupcakes and sing "Happy Birthday you Kinky Fuckers" to anyone who has a birthday that month. Then the B-Day Peeps can run through the gauntlet of slappy hands from the  Dollar Store if they desire. If your birthday is that month then no door fee for this party! (Guests with birthdays that month don't pay the door fee, but still need to pay the guest fee of $10.)

3rd Fridays: Primal Night (Odd Months) or Trans-Tastic (Even Months). Primal Night is a night focused on Primal Play. The dungeon is set up to allow for more space for wrestling and contact play. The Trans-Tastic Play Party event is to celebrate all things Transgender, Non-Binary, Genderqueer, and otherwise Gender-expansive!

1st Thursdays: DenverTNG Play Party. TNG stands for The Next Generation. Not like Star Trek... these events are restricted for attendees ages 19-35 only. Attendees in that age range may escort their partners who are over 35 into the event. TNG Play Parties take place every 1st Thursday from 7:00pm til midnight. Sometimes the parties have a theme or offer a class/discussion at the beginning of the party.

2nd Thursdays: FEMDOMONIUM  This event celebrates Femdoms and those who serve them. At this event Any female identifying person wishing to be a royalty for the night can attend as a Queen. From 7:30 to 8:30 there is a Royalty social up front. Anyone attending solo and wants to be in service to a Queen spends that 1st hour in the dungeon preparing for the Parade of Possibilities. In the parade, Possibilities are introduced one at a time to the attending Royalty and state of they are available for play or service or as eye candy or any combination thereof. After the parade the dungeon is open for play.

3rd Sundays: Baby Bash.  This is an age play and pet play party hosted by the Denver Littles Crawl (DLC). This event is for anyone 19+. For this event the middle room is turned into a play room with legos, blocks, a doll house, a ball pit and more. There is a diaper changing station available. Coloring and arts in crafts usually in the front room. The dungeon is also open for ALL FORMS OF PLAY.


As long as you have your expired card you can just present it at any play party and renew. The fee will be $20 in addition to whatever the stated door fee is. If you do NOT have your expired membership card, and Love Slave does not know you personally, you have to start over and follow the current membership procedure. If your membership expires and you renew, your new membership begins the day you renew. You do NOT have to pay for the lapsed months from when it expired to when you renew.


Yes. Any member with a membership card may bring in as many guests as they are willing to be responsible for. Guests may not enter before the member arrives and may not stay after the member leaves. Guests will be required to sign a waiver and pay a $10 guest fee in addition to whatever the stated door fee is. If members are bringing guests to Gateway, the guests are NOT required to attend the orientation. They may arrive any time the members arrives and that can be after the orientation..


* All Play Parties: $25 door fee
* Guest Fee for Play Parties: All non-members pay a $10 guest fee in addition to the door fee.

* Membership fees:

$40 for New Full Memberships,

$20 for Renewal Full Memberships.

NOTE: Cash is always preferred at the door. Venmo also accepted with a $1.00 fee.


2620 W 2nd Ave Unit 1

Denver, CO 80219


We share the space with Dangerous Theatre, which may come up with GPS.

The Annex Community Classroom is next door:

2620 W 2nd Ave Unit 1

Denver, CO 80219


General info in a nutshell:

* Membership is NOT required to attend non-play party events like meetings, discussion groups, classes, and game night. Anyone 19+ welcome.

* MEMBERSHIP is required to attend play parties.

* The TNG Party and Gateway Play Parties offer guest orientations.

* In general, you must be 21 to attend play parties unless otherwise stated in the event description.

* TNG Play Parties are limited to folx 19-35 in age

* Current Members may bring non-member guests (additional $10 guest fee)
* Snacks and water available for free. Folx are welcome to bring their own beverages to drink as long as it is in a screw top container. NO ALCOHOL allowed.

*How do I contact Love Slave, owner of the Denver Sanctuary?
* Text her at 720-989-3283.

* Message her through her Fetlife profile.

SEE! It didn't take long to read the entire page and now you know more about the Denver Sanctuary than when you started. BRAVO! Cookie for you!