The Denver Sanctuary is a PRIVATE MEMBERSHIP Social Club for folks who practice or are interested in the BDSM Lifestyle. Membership is required to attend any play party event. PLEASE click on the link above to find out what you have to do to become a member. Membership is NOT required to attend any classes, meetings or discussion groups (although non-members may be required to pay higher entry fees).

We are located in a warehouse park near downtown Denver. The specific location is not on this site as a means of protecting the privacy of the club and its membership. In order to get location information you need to contact Love Slave (Fill out the contact request from below) and specify what event you plan to attend. PLEASE make sure you click the links and read all the information on this site before contacting Love Slave. Sending an email is the preferred means of contact but you can also call Love Slave at 720-443-3707. Note: DO NOT leave a message if you get voice mail as the messages are not listened to or answered.

For information about membership and what we offer at the Sanctuary please click the various links above.  If you send Love Slave an email asking how you can become a member she will conclude you cannot read and therefore should not be a member and delete your message without wasting her time to reply.

Mon. 5/18 - Love Slave Explains it all -  Anyone 19+ may attend. Attending this class allows you to get a membership to the club. FREE to attend. 7:00 - 9:00pm

Tues. 5/19 - TNG Play Party - Anyone 19-35 may attend this event. Door opens at 7:30. New member orientation offered at 8:00. $10 door fee for current members. $30 for 1st time attendees (Additional $20 covers membership fee).

Sat. 5/24 - GATEWAY Play Party - Our official newbie night. Anyone 21+ welcome to attend. Door opens at 8:30 - New member orientation at 9:00. $25 door fee for current members, $45 for 1st time attendees.

If you need address/directions to attend any of these events send a text message to 720-233-4703 stating which event you wish to attend and they will be returned via text.

NOTICE: The Saturday door fee is now $25.00