The Denver Sanctuary is a PRIVATE MEMBERSHIP Social Club for folks who practice or are interested in the BDSM Lifestyle. At the Denver Sanctuary we offer different events from play parties to meetings and discussion groups to classes and friendly social events. Membership is NOT required to attend any of the non-play party events at the club. If you want to attend a play party you must be a Trial Member, a Full Member or be guested in by a Full Member. Read below for information on what the difference is and how to obtain a membership. ((NOTE: If you are visiting Denver from out of state you are welcome to attend any events as an Out-of-State Visitor and do not need to attend an orientation or get a membership. You need only to provide ID, read and sign a waiver at the door and pay the door fee.. It is recommended you watch the club rules video so you don't accidentally break any rules during your visit. Text Love Slave at 720-989-3283 stating where you are visiting from and when. She will text the location info back to you)).


While it is still a requirement to watch the videos or take the Sanctuary 101 class to become a FULL member, we will now offer the guest orientation at MOST play party events. Folks will get a TRIAL membership from attending the guest orientation. The TRIAL membership will be good for 3 visits, all visits require payment of the $10 guest fee in addition to the door fee for that event. This gives folks a chance to try out the club a few times before dedicating the time to become a member. You do NOT have to attend all three times before becoming a FULL member. You can still take the class or watch the videos at any point and take the membership test at any play party event. DO NOT LOSE your Trial Membership card. If you do you have to take the orientation over again to get a new one. Also, if, after three visits, you want to attend the guest orientation and get another TRIAL membership, go ahead. I'm happy to take an extra $10 from you every time you visit. Those with a TRIAL membership are NOT allowed to bring guests in with them. Only FULL members may bring guests. If you wish to attend any event at the Sanctuary (play party, class, discussion...) and need location information please send a text message to Love Slave at 720-989-3283 and state which event you wish to attend.


Starting in 2017 everyone MUST attend the Sanctuary 101 class to become a FULL member of the Denver Sanctuary. You can attend it live, at the club, on most 1st and 3rd Mondays from 7 to 9:30pm. You can also watch videos (three of them) to get the same information. It will not matter if you attend class or watch the videos. To get your membership you will be required to answer a 25 question, multiple choice test at the door. As long as you get at least 20 questions correct you can get a membership. If you do not, you will be turned away to watch the videos or take the class again. (SERIOUSLY NOT a difficult test, just one that will make sure you actually took the class or watched the videos.)

Is the information the same? Mostly. The facilitator of the class may use different examples based on her personal experiences as Love Slave uses her's in the videos. All the information needed to pass the test is covered in the live class and the videos.

What's the benefit of watching the videos over the live class?

* You can watch the three videos whenever and wherever you want.
* Maybe you aren't available on Monday nights.
* Maybe you live far away and cannot get there by 7 on a Monday.
* You can watch all three videos in a row, or separately, in smaller time increments. The full class includes a BDSM 101 video that is about 90 minutes. Next is the club rules video that takes about 30 minutes. Last is the kink history lesson video that also takes about 30 minutes.
* You can watch it in the nude, while cooking dinner, or riding public transit (please use headphones for this option).
* If you miss something you can just watch it again.

What's the benefit of going to the live class?

* The facilitator of the class is AMAZING, eally nice and offers living proof that we are nice folks.
* You get to ask questions.
* You get to see what the club looks like.
* You get to meet others who are also new to BDSM or new to Denver.
* You get a coupon for $5.00 off your door fee.

Where is the class offered?

The Sanctuary 101 class is offered  at the Denver Sanctuary. We do not post the address of the club on the website to protect the privacy of the club. For location information send a text message to Love Slave at 720-989-3283 saying you wish to attend the 101 class.

Why is this class now REQUIRED when before it was strongly suggested?

Love Slave, owner of the Sanctuary, wants people to understand what BDSM is really about and what it means to be part of the local kink community. She also thinks it is really important for folks to know and understand the history of our kink community as way too many folks take for granted just how damn good they have it here compared to many other cities.

Where are the videos I can watch? Links to the videos are right here: (or at the bottom of the page)


The annual membership fee is $20/year. Each Play Party event has a door fee that is between $15 - $25. The classes cost anywhere between $5 - $25 depending on the class, who is presenting and if the class is being offered by a group other than the Sanctuary. All meetings/discussion/social groups are free to attend, although they pass a basket and ask for a $5 donation if you have it (it does cost money to turn the lights/heat/ac on after all). If you don't have $5, come anyway. Social interaction is good for everyone. Please note we only accept CASH at the door.

How do I know when parties and events are? Here are links to our calendar and to our profile page. When in the calendar, if you click on the heading of the event it will open another screen with a full description. Feel free to send a friend request to the DenverSanctuary profile and become a member of the Denver Sanctuary Chat Group

How do I contact Love Slave, owner of the Denver Sanctuary?

For quick little questions you can text her at 720-989-3283. For longer messages you can contact her through her profile.