The Denver Sanctuary is a PRIVATE MEMBERSHIP Social Club for folks who practice or are interested in the BDSM Lifestyle. Membership is required to attend any play party event. PLEASE check play party event descriptions to see if a new member orientation is offered BEFORE you arrive at the club. If you show up and there is NOT an orientation offered or if it has already taken place you will be TURNED AWAY.

Membership is NOT required to attend any classes, meetings or discussion groups (although non-members may be required to pay higher entry fees).

New Member Orientations are offered at the Sanctuary 101 class (usually offered on 1st and 3rd Mondays), at the TNG Parties (on 1st Thursday and 3rd Tuesdays) and at Gateway Parties (Every 4th Saturday)

If, after reading all the information on this site, you have questions you can send an email message to Love Slave, owner of the Denver Sanctuary, by using the form below. Be warned, if you send a message saying "How do I become a member?" she will assume you can't read or are a lazy asshat and delete your email without answering it. If you have read all the info on this site and want to attend an event, send a text message to Love Slave at 720-989-3283. State what event you wish to attend and she will reply with a text with location information.