The Denver Sanctuary will be closed through the end of March due to COVID-19. Assume events will resume in April.

The Denver Sanctuary is a PRIVATE MEMBERSHIP Social Club for folks who practice or are interested in the BDSM Lifestyle. At the Denver Sanctuary we offer different events from play parties to meetings and discussion groups to classes and friendly social events. Membership is NOT required to attend any of the non-play party events at the club. If you want to attend a play party you must be a Full member or be guested in by a Full Member. Read below for information on how to obtain a membership.

OUT OF STATE VISITORS: If you are visiting Denver from out of state you are welcome to attend any events as an Out-of-State Visitor and do not need to attend an orientation or get a membership. You need only to provide photo ID, read and sign a waiver at the door and pay the door fee. You are NOT required to pay the guest fee if Love Slave approved your visit to the club. It is recommended you watch the club rules video so you don't accidentally break any rules during your visit. Text Love Slave at 720-989-3283 stating where you are visiting from and what events you wish to attend. She will text the location info back to you.


Everyone MUST attend the Sanctuary 101 class to become a FULL member of the Denver Sanctuary. You can attend it live, at the club, every 3rd Monday from 7 to 9:30pm. You can also watch videos (three of them, linked elsewhere on this website) to get the same information. It will not matter if you attend class or watch the videos. To get your membership you will be required to answer a 15 question, multiple choice test at the door. As long as you get at least 12 questions correct you can get a membership. If you do not, you will be turned away to watch the videos or take the class again. (SERIOUSLY NOT a difficult test, just one that will make sure you actually took the class or watched the videos.) Tests may be taken at the door at any play party event.

Is the information the same? Mostly. The facilitator of the class may use different examples based on her personal experiences as Love Slave uses hers in the videos. All the information needed to pass the test is covered in the live class and the videos.

What's the benefit of watching the videos over the live class?

* You can watch the three videos whenever and wherever you want.
* Maybe you aren't available on Monday nights.
* Maybe you live far away and cannot get there by 7 on a Monday.
* You can watch all three videos in a row, or separately, in smaller time increments. The full class includes a BDSM 101 video that is about 90 minutes. Next is the club rules video that takes about 30 minutes. Last is the kink history lesson video that also takes about 30 minutes.
* You can watch it in the nude, while cooking dinner, or riding public transit (please use headphones for this option).
* If you miss something you can just watch it again.

What's the benefit of going to the live class?

* The facilitator of the class is AMAZING, friendly and offers living proof that we are nice folks.
* You get to ask questions.
* You get to see what the club looks like.
* You get to meet others who are also new to BDSM or new to Denver.
* You get a coupon for $5.00 off your door fee.

Why is this class REQUIRED?

Love Slave, owner of the Sanctuary, wants people to understand what BDSM is really about and what it means to be part of the local kink community. She also believes it is important for folks to know and understand the history of our kink community. Too many folks take for granted just how damn good they have it here compared to many other cities.

Where are the videos I can watch? If you are on a phone the links (red) will be at the top or bottom of the page. If on a computer the links to the videos are right here:


The annual membership fee is $20/year. Play Party door fees are $25 on Saturdays and $15 for TNG Play Parties.  The classes cost anywhere between $5 - $25 depending on the class, who is presenting and if the class is being offered by a group other than the Sanctuary. All meetings/discussion/social groups are free to attend, although we pass a basket and ask for a $5 donation if you have it (it does cost money to turn the lights/heat/ac on after all). If you don't have $5, come anyway. Social interaction is good for everyone. Please note we only accept CASH at the door.


The club is open for play parties (most) every Saturday night and age requirement is 21+ for Saturday parties. Every 2nd Saturday is Birthday Celebration Night. If your birthday is that month you don't pay the door fee! Plus there is cake! Every 4th Saturday is Gateway, our official newbie night. This is a great night to attend the club for the 1st time. Other Saturdays have different themes, check the calendar for details. We also have 2 TNG play parties a month; 1st Thursdays and 3rd Tuesdays. There is usually a class, demo or discussion at the 3rd Tuesday TNG Party. TNG stands for The Next Generation and attendance to those parties is limited to those between the age of 19-35. If you are 19-20, the 1st event you may attend is a TNG party. You are required to attend the guest orientation. After that you will get a limited TNG Membership. This membership does not cost anything in addition to the door fee. You will then be allowed to attend any TNG Party or any party that says it is TNG Friendly. You may ALSO attend any Saturday, 21+ event as long as you are escorted by a Full Member who is 21+. Once you turn 21 you will be required to obtain a Full Membership.


We have a full calendar of events at the Denver Sanctuary. Here is a list of who meets when:

2nd Tuesdays: Dominants' Discussion Group  7pm

2nd Wednesdays: Denver Switch Group Meeting 7pm

2nd Saturdays Denver Rope Bite has a class at 10am - noon..

3rd Monday: Sanctuary 101 Class 7pm

3rd Wednesday: Submissives' Discussion Group 7pm

4th Tuesday: Ms Kinky Scouts 7pm

4th Wednesday: The Socially Awkward Kinkster Non-Threatening Game Night 7pm


We do not post the address of the club on the website to help protect the privacy of the club and the members of the club. For location information send a text to Love Slave at 720-989-3283 and state which event you wish to attend and she will text the information back to you.

How do I know when parties and events are? If you are on phone there will be links (blue) to our event calendar and to our profile page located at the top or bottom of the page. When in the calendar, if you click on the heading of the event it will open another screen with a full description.  On our Fetlife profile there will be event pages made for all play party events and SOME of the meetings, classes and discussions. Most meetings and groups post their own event pages so the online calendar is the most up to date. 

How do I contact Love Slave, owner of the Denver Sanctuary?

NOTE: Please read the website BEFORE you send text messages asking questions that are blatantly answered on the single page website. If you have quick questions, after having read the website, you can text her at 720-989-3283. For longer messages you can contact her through her profile.


As long as you still have your expired membership card, just show it at the door at any play party and you will take a refresher 10 question test to renew. It is impossible to fail the test, we just tell you the correct answers if you get any wrong. The annual membership fee is $20 and this is paid in addition to the door fee. If you no longer have your card you have to start all over and watch the videos, attend the class and taken the full membership test and pass to get a membership.

Who is welcome to the Denver Sanctuary?
Humans. Period. You do NOT have to be a human with a membership to the Denver Sanctuary to attend any of the meetings, discussion groups or classes. If you want to attend any of the play parties you have to become a human with a membership. To become a Full Member of the club you have to be a human who has been on the planet for 21+ years. If you happen to be 19-20 years old, you can go to a TNG Party and get limited TNG Membership. Beyond human, no other label required.

For anyone who needs it spelled out further.... We don't care what color you are or where your ancestors came from, what God you believe in (or don't believe in), what genitals you have and how you use them or don't use them. We don't care what kinks you have. We don't care if you attend alone or with your significant other or your posse. If you have a pulse... come on down.

I DO NOT give special invitation to any human with a label of any kind. If that is an issue with you. You don't have to come.

Who is NOT welcome to the Denver Sanctuary?
Any Human who cannot recognize that all the other humans at the Denver Sanctuary are to be treated equally with respect. By respect, I mean that by becoming a member of the Denver Sanctuary you will treat all others at the club without any regard for any other label that human may have. Period.

Asshats are also not welcome. Humans have the capacity to do a lot of things that make them an asshat. Don't be an asshat.

When texting Love Slave here is a handy list of what to do and not do

I realize it is my decision NOT to publicly post the address to the Sanctuary. I do it because I want to protect the club as much as possible. I also do it to keep my door staff, and myself, from having to deal with too many idiots at the door. Here is a handy list of things to consider before you send a text...

1 ~ If you have the number you either got it off the club website or an event page. Please READ THE FUCKING WEBSITE AND/OR EVENT PAGE before you text me. If you text me and I give you the directions and THEN proceed to ask a ton of questions that are clearly stated, it is kinda annoying and a waste of my time.

2 ~ If I tell you to go read the website or event page for asked info and you CONTINUE to ask me questions I assume you are too fucking lazy and just want to waste my time. I will tell you a second time where to find the info then I will block you and get no further messages from you.

3 ~ DO NOT ask me about how many hot men, sexy women or couples attend or how many condoms you should bring. Also do not ask if I will play with you or set you up with someone to play with.

4 ~ If I explain that the dungeon is not open at the meetings, classes or social nights do not then send a text saying you "understand it's just a social event, but would someone watch me jerk off." I will tell you to stay the fuck away from my club because you are sounding like a fucking creeper and I don't want creepers at my club.

5 ~ If an event clearly states that the event is for members' only and NO orientation is offered, please do not ask to come anyway. I don't care how many other events you have been to or who you know. Unless you watch the videos to take the test or are brought in by a current full member you won't get in. ALSO... trust me, you will not be able to take the test and pass it just by guessing.

6 ~ If you text me an unsolicited dick pic you will be blocked immediately. Seriously, I have no idea why guys think it is ok to do this. I don't care if my name is Love Slave and I own a dungeon. NOT FUCKING OK TO DO THIS.

7 ~ If you send a text and I do not answer immediately, send another text in a FEW HOURS, not every 10 minutes. I run the club, and the theatre, and home school my son. Sometimes I even sleep, take a shower or shit. I do not always have my phone right next to me. If you decide to chastise me or berate me about my lack of replying in a manner that fits YOUR schedule, I'll just plain block your ass and never reply. Because apparently you are a asshat dicknozzel.

7 ~ I have no idea what you hope to accomplish by telling me the fees are too high. If you think I'll reduce the price you are wrong, I'll tell you not to come.

I'd like to say that the above happen occasionally. Unfortunately, they all happen quite often. Especially #1 & #2. #4 happened this past Sunday but was definitely not the 1st time. Maybe when I get dic pics I'll forward them to friends to rate on a scale of 1 to 10, or maybe figure out what celebrity dick it looks like. Then I'll just reply with the results of the survey.

Oh, look! Just this very moment I got a text (at 1:40am) asking if there would be a domme at the game night who would beat him. Yay!

So... What happens at a Gateway Play Party?
Lately, I have been getting many text messages that ask, "What, exactly, goes on at a play party?" It dawned on me that, having been doing this for so long I forget that new folks really have no clue what to expect. So here is a little description of what happens at a Gateway Play Party.

Gateway parties have been around since 2003. First meeting at private homes, then at the Denver Harbour and now at the Denver Sanctuary. Gateway was started to offer a introduction to the kink lifestyle. It is the official newbie night at the Denver Sanctuary.

The Sanctuary is split up into 3 sections. There is the front social area with comfy places to plant your ass and socialize. We also have food available. We also have a variety of soft drinks, coffee, hot tea, hot cocoa and spiced cider available. All refreshments included in the door fee although we do have a donation jar with a monthly poll so you can vote with your spare change..

Next we have a middle room that is a mix of social room and play room. There are plenty of sofas and chairs to lounge in. There also happens to be a suspension rig in there for whatever folks want to do with it. In this room play happens along with the socializing.

Then, in back, is the main dungeon. This is the warehouse part of the space with a concrete floor and numerous "stations" folks can play at. We have 4 crosses, numerous tables in varying sizes, a cage, and a hoist. The stations are available 1st come 1st serve. There is a stage in the dungeon and usually there are 2 or 3 stations on the stage. You do NOT have to play with anyone if you don't want to. However, we also do NOT guarantee you will play if you want to and do not have a partner. We have dungeon monitors watching over things and are available to offer assistance if needed. At Gateway events, we usually have someone offering a toybag tour - allowing new folks to look at and ask questions about toys and tools we use when we do kinky shit to one another.

Trust me when I say we have attendees of all ages from 21+ to 70. You are never too old to explore your kink. We also have every body type and sexual type and gender type. All are welcome at the Sanctuary. You may attend alone. You do NOT have to wear fancy fetish clothes or leather. Dress however you are most comfortable. We do have a coat room so you could even bring a sexy outfit or lingerie to change into if you want once you get there. Or not.

We also have 2 bathrooms and a smoking room.

At Gateway parties the door opens at 8:30 and the new member orientation is a 9:00. We usually have 20ish new folks in class. The class is a mere 15-20 minutes long and after the class folks may wander around to watch and socialize or play, if so inclined.

We offer Gateway every 4th Saturday of the month.